Briana Schroeder
Flame-worker/Glass Artist

Trailhead Glass - Premier Collection – Limited Edition
The Kootenay Collection

Feathers are one of the many treasures I enjoy finding along the trail. I want to examine them, see them float through the air, wear them in my hat, and bring them home. They are delicate and light but strong enough to lift even the heaviest bird. They are intricate, with the finest details, yet they can seem so ragged and wild. When I find a feather, I keep it as a reminder that I too can successfully hold contradictions within myself. Glass, as a medium, also contains contradictions; it is molten yet solid, delicate yet durable, transparent and opaque. Working with glass requires careful repetition in the process, yet each finished piece boasts its own unique characteristics.

The Kootenay Collection is a limited edition of about 100 feathers designed as jewelry and homeware. Natural features of the Kootenay region inspired the palette, including the waters of Kootenay Lake, the autumnal Western Larch, the ancient Kokanee Cedars, the craggy Selkirk Mountains, and the vibrancy of my Mountain Town, Nelson, B.C. The feathers are pieces of art that represent the intimate relationship between the beauty of the region and the wellbeing of individuals and their homes.

Briana is best known for her sculptural work with a focus on flora and fauna. Her appreciation for wildlife and their habitats began as a child of the prairies, lakes and forests of southern Manitoba and northwestern Ontario. She followed her interests and studied forestry (2000 Edmonton, Alberta) and environmental science (2002 Montreal, Quebec). After years of study, fieldwork, and travelling abroad, she stumbled upon a different kind of work. In 2009 she began flame-working borosilicate glass in Austin, Texas. With a few friends she started up a cooperative glassblowing studio (Cherrywood Glassworks) in her backyard, a place where she and her studio mates explored new techniques and styles in glass. Without any formal art training, what began as a hobby soon turned into a career. For Briana, flame-working offers an ideal mix of technical, creative and hands-on challenges. Briana’s recent return to Canada has inspired new works that focus on feathers and landscapes and use the palette of her new home, Nelson, BC, Canada.
Wherever I can, I am supporting my local creative economy. Here is a list of my suppliers and the wonderful folks with whom I am currently working. 
Tom Weager - Nelson, BC
Lily Andersen - Nelson, BC 
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Stevenninna Drassinower - Nelson, BC  
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Hall Printing - Nelson, BC
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Abbacus Beads - Nelson, BC
John's Wholesale - Vancouver, BC 
Kootenay Collection Models
Abenie & Hellen - Nelson, BC
Kootenay Collection Photoshoot Location
Bella Flora - Nelson, BC
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My Mom -  Surrey, BC